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        ABOUT US

ANKE has accomplished many projects in its field of business without compromising its values, but acting upon quality and reliability since its establishment in 2006. Continuing determinedly to work towards its targets and combining its corporate identity with experienced and knowledgeable task force, “ANKE” is constantly expanding its customer portfolio adopting the principle of customer orientedness and unconditional customer satisfaction.
        OUR VISION

Adopting quality as its vision since 2006, our company aims to provide services throughout Turkey through its expert, qualified and certified staff as well as state of the art calibration devices.
Our services are provided according to ISO 9001-2000(TUV/DAR) quality management system, and are secured under vocational liability insurance.

Our unconditional mission is to fix pricing and profitability policies at the most reasonable level for our customers without compromising quality, to make reliability an integral part of our business, and to position our company at the top in our field of activity in the domestic and international arena.


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